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We believe Bitcoin will save you time and money. We want to educate the world about Bitcoin and make it as accessible as possible.

Bitcoin is revolutionising the way today’s society transfers money. We help you understand how and why. Save your time, energy and money. Gain complete access to your funds 24/7. Enjoy access anywhere in the world with only an internet connection. This technology eliminates traditional money transfer costs and wait times. Once you understand and begin to utilise the crypto-currency to its full potential, you will save money you didn’t even know you were losing. We enjoy helping people use their money the way they want to use it, which is why we enjoy helping people use Bitcoin.

We are the Bitcoin Specialists here to help you in every way.

Free Consultations | to educate you and answer all your questions and concerns Instantly Buy and Sell Bitcoin | through ATMs, online transfers and in person brokering, Bitcoin Solutions ensures you get Bitcoin as fast as possible Safety | We are in complete compliance with AML/KYC regulations to ensure our services are legal and safe. Our ATMs are spread out across Western Canada to ensure everyone has access to Bitcoin at a moment’s notice. Accessibility is our specialty.

Bitcoin Solutions aims to make Bitcoin understood and accessible to everyone.

Margin trading, consultations, brokering services, ATM operations, secure paper-wallet set up and spending wallet set up are only a handful of the services we offer. We meet you in a secure public place or you visit us in our secure office. Access to Bitcoin enables you to save time and money. Let Bitcoin Solutions show you how.

Bitcoin Solutions was founded in 2013 in Canada. We started doing Over-The-Counter trades in coffee shops. We launched Alberta’s first Bitcoin ATM in February 2014 and quickly moved to launch Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATM in May of the same year. (href to links of lauches. Links to come)
We are aiming to make Bitcoin accessible and understood for many reasons. Bitcoin allows the average consumer to take power over their finances and ensure they are not susceptible to centralized-banking failure. We aim to educate and expose as many Canadians as possible to enable the dream of true financial freedom (href to definitions page).
WE BLEED MAPLE SYRUP! Our team is handpicked and local. We are proud to employ a team of Canadians and aspiring Canadian permanent residents. We are Canadians, focused on the Canadian bitcoin and cryptocurrency culture.