About Bitcoin Solutions

Making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easy to buy and sell

Bitcoin Solutions offers convenient and secure online and in-person solutions to help you buy and sell your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We want to help you discover the benefits of using cryptocurrencies by making it easier for you to buy, sell, and use them the same way you’re used to using cash.

“My goal is to bring Bitcoin further into the mainstream and educate everyday people about the benefits of decentralized currency” shares Adam O’Brien, Founder & President of Bitcoin Solutions. “This is exactly the platform I wish I had access to when I first started to explore and learn about Bitcoin in 2013.”

Bitcoin Solutions was founded in 2013 and is an industry leader and trusted voice in Bitcoin exchange and education. In fall 2020, we will be the first publicly traded and oldest standing Bitcoin ATM company in Canada.

Adam began his own journey of curiosity with Bitcoin when the currency started to take the spotlight in mainstream media. When he realized how difficult it was to acquire and navigate, he quickly realized a gap in the market and set out on a journey to make Bitcoin more approachable and easy to access.

In early 2014, he deployed the first Bitcoin ATM in Alberta, and soon after, the first in Saskatchewan. Since then, he continues to teach people and make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easier to buy and sell. Follow Adam on LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium.

Bitcoin Solutions was founded in 2013 in Canada. We started doing Over-The-Counter trades in coffee shops. We launched Alberta’s first Bitcoin ATM in February 2014 and quickly moved to launch Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATM in May of the same year.
We are aiming to make Bitcoin easy to buy and sell for many reasons. Bitcoin allows the average consumer to take power over their finances and ensure they are not susceptible to centralized-banking failure. We aim to educate and expose as many Canadians as possible to enable the dream of true financial freedom.
WE BLEED MAPLE SYRUP! Our team is handpicked and local. We are proud to employ a team of Canadians and aspiring Canadian permanent residents. We are Canadians, focused on the Canadian bitcoin and cryptocurrency culture.