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the safest and fastest way to buy Bitcoin.

Buying Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) can be scary for even the most advanced users. We aim to make it easy with multiple payment options. Please use the menu to choose the option that best suits your needs, or contact us.
Load your Wallet with Canada Post In-Person Payments

Minimum Purchase: $20 | Maximum Purchase: $500

We are pleased to facilitate In-Person Payments now available at Canada Post, with over 6,000 locations across Canada! Fund your online account in Canadian Dollars through Cash or Interac Debit by visiting your local Canada Post. This is one of the most trusted and efficient ways to exchange your CAD and ensure it's transferred fast and securely. From the fantastic surf in Tofino, BC to the historic depths of Newfoundland, this service is available to you.

Bitcoin and bank currency exchange
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Load your Wallet with In-Person Payments now available at Canada Post.

Where is my nearest Canada Post location?
Bitcoin ATMs

Minimum Purchase: $5 | Maximum Purchase: $9,000/transaction

Bitcoin ATMs by Bitcoin Solutions are the fastest and safest way to buy Bitcoin. They are the only way that you truly are receiving bitcoin instantly for your cash payment. Please click here to see the ATM nearest to you.

bitcoin atm accepting cash
Flexepin logo

Minimum Purchase: $20 | Maximum Purchase: $150 every 24 hours
Increased limits available for verified accounts.

Bitcoin Solutions offers a fast easy method for acquiring Bitcoin online through the use of a Flexepin Voucher.

Flexepin receipt with bar code
Step 1: Buy a Flexepin Voucher

Use the Flexepin Location Finder to find a location to purchase a voucher with cash or buy online with

Step 2: Purchase Bitcoin using your Flexepin voucher

Enter your Flexepin Voucher PIN below to start the buying process.

Buy Bitcoin with Flexepin logo.

Click here to purchase ETH, LTC, or BCH.

bitcoin and cash wallet being exchanged
Interac e-Transfer*

Minimum Purchase: $75 | Maximum Purchase: $500/transaction

Buy crypto using Interac e-Transfer* to simplify your purchase, easy and direct.

Buy BTC/BCH with Interac e-Transfer*
*Available with participating financial institutions

Minimum Purchase: $9,000 | Maximum Purchase: NO LIMIT

If you prefer to chat with a human, face to face, during the process Bitcoin Solutions has you covered! Simply fill out this in-person exchange form to book your in-person exchange. Please note we are unable to process cash during an in-person exchange at our offices and are limited to certified checks (available) or debit card (coming soon). Cash transactions are still possible but will be performed at a secure, third party and public location.

individual buying bitcoin in-person
Bitcoin and bank currency exchange

Minimum Purchase :$1,000 | Maximum Purchase NO LIMIT

We can set up a PAD (Pre Authorized Debit) as a one-time or recurring basis for you to buy bitcoin with CAD (Canadian dollars) coming directly from your bank. These transfers typically take 2-3 business days and your rate is locked in as soon as we initiate the transfer. We then send the funds as soon as we get them from your bank.

coming soon to Bitcoin Solutions

Minimum purchase: $1,000 | Maximum Purchase: NO LIMIT

If you are out of town, do not live nearby or simply fed up with all the other jokers in the industry please start the process below by entering your desired amount of CAD or BTC.

Coming Soon to Bitcoin Solutions
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Bitcoin Solutions provides the safest and fastest way to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency by ensuring you are never exposed to the risks of trusting centralization in every way possible. When you buy from our ATMs your bitcoin are transferred and verifiable on the blockchain within 20 seconds of purchase. When buying online you are provided a receipt of payment immediately and the amount of coins purchased are locked in place leaving you unsusceptible to the markets or other possible downfalls.

We are proud to have a tiered fee structure ranging from 2% to 10% depending on volume and method of payment. The fee you pay enables us to continue providing you with the best possible service, building infrastructure and developing new products driving us towards the end goal of making Bitcoin easy to buy and sell. For a full view of our current rates, please visit our rates page.

Credit Cards are the main source of online fraud and scams. A credit card transaction can be reversed up to 90 days after the purchase was complete. We are extremely careful when it comes to doing anything that may compromise our promise to our customers enabling them to receive bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as instantly as is possible while protecting ourselves against fraud and other potentially crippling factors. Credit Cards are not part of that plan at this time.