Host a Bitcoin ATM

we want to send our customers to your store.

Our Promise

Every day millions of bitcoin are bought and sold worldwide. Why not take a front seat to the action?

  • Paid monthly based on machine performance or as a flat rate
  • Brings foot-traffic into your store with cash in hand
  • Adds you to the Bitcoin Solutions Partner Program

Our Ask

Hosting an ATM with Bitcoin Solutions is absolutely free. We handle all the up front costs, operations, maintenance and customer support

  • Month to month or long term contracts available
  • 4 sq.ft. footprint with power outlet nearby
  • Long, consistent hours and a friendly environment prepared to see extra foot traffic

Get Your Bitcoin ATM

Hosting a Bitcoin Solutions Bitcoin ATM is an opportunity second to none. We do all the work to allow you to offer your customers the best product introduced to human-kind since the internet. Click the BIG ORANGE BUTTON below to receive your Bitcoin ATM in as little as 7 days

Bitcoin Solutions has been a leader in the Canadian Bitcoin ATM space for 6 years (and counting!) When you choose to host a Bitcoin ATM by Bitcoin Solutions we provide a state of the art machine, manage each and every transaction, ensure the machine is functional and beautiful at all times and pay you a monthly commission as a direct benefit to you, while employing our massive marketing monster to send as many customers to your location as possible.

Customer arrives at your store with cash and the intention to purchase Bitcoin using our ATM
Using the machine, they scan their Bitcoin address and insert their money and receive their bitcoin (in the safest and fastest way possible)
The customer may then choose to spend that Bitcoin if your location is empowering our Point of Sale system allowing you to accept Bitcoin
We send you a monthly report showing transactions and machine performance along with your monthly payment
You are eligible to use each and every one of Bitcoin Solutions’ services as part of our partners program
Anyone that has a keen eye for technology, financial markets or a direct need. Our customer ranges from a high-school kid using Bitcoin to purchase video game upgrades online to a middle-aged speculative investor to a senior citizen diversifying their retirement portfolio. Our machines are used by all demographics, the likes of which will certainly benefit your business
We do absolutely everything in our power to prevent any kind of fraudulent or victimized activity at our machines. We work very closely with the local authorities to ensure our customers are safe and intentionally buying bitcoin for themselves.
ABSOLUTELY! We love paying our Bitcoin ATM Hosts in bitcoin. This allows you to get your feet wet with little (very, very, very little) risk. Your monthly commission is paid out either in bitcoin at market value, or in Canadian dollars.